Quick Details​

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  • Key Roles

    • Designer
    • Lead Engineer
    • Systems Administrator
    • Project Manager

  • Project Timeline

    MAR 2019 - JUN 2020

  • Tools Used

    Dropbox API
    Google App Engine
    Google Cloud Build/CI
    Serverless Deployment
    Material Design

JHDB Global Contributor Project

The JazzHistoryDatabase is a non-profit organization at WPI that archives recordings, photographs, and other jazz artifacts from around the world that might otherwise deteriorate. This archive, accessible at jazzhistorydatabase.com, was previously maintained by students and faculty who built the website by hand. Our goal was to design, build and document a web-based tool to allow volunteers and international correspondents to upload digitized jazz artifacts into a simple web form that would subsequently output and publish template-based web pages.

The Contributor Portal empowers jazz musicians, archivists and educators from all around the world to effortlessly contribute to the JHDB's online museum without technical barriers.